Payment Methods

Credit Cards, Paypal & Stripe

All major credit cards & debit cards are accepted. Card payments are securely processed through Paypal or Stripe. You may use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You do not need a Paypal or Stripe account to pay – you just need a valid credit or debit card from the above stated card names. We are a huge fan of Stripe because of the lower transaction cost and its strict security compliance. However, we understand if you prefer Paypal, which is also what we allow our customers to pay by.

Quick Guide on Which Payment Method to Use:

  • American Express - Stripe
  • Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay (includes Samsung Pay) – Stripe
  • International Cards out of USA - Stripe
  • ACH Debits, Alipay, WeChat Pay – Stripe
  • Paypal account - Paypal (temporarily unavailable)
  • Prepaid cards and gift cards – Paypal (Go to “Pay With Debit Or Credit Card”)