Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Tips on Caring for Your Plated Jewelries

Plated costume jewelries have expanded our fashion worlds by providing affordable options for fashion-conscious consumers who do not want to break the bank. It is simply more practical and allows for more variety.

As beautiful as they are, plated jewelries will eventually fade or tarnish as the plating gets worn out. Fret not, with proper care and maintenance, your plated jewelries can last for years to come!

Here are some quick tips on keeping the luster of your plated jewelries:

  1. Make sure you do not spray perfume while you are wearing your jewelries. Remove the jewelries before spraying cosmetic parfums or eau de toilettes on your skin to prevent the chemicals on the sprays to interact with your jewelries' metal.
  2. We recommend against taking a shower, going to the gym or swimming whilst wearing the jewelries. Water from perspiration will react with the metal and cause the jewelries to tarnish easily.
  3. If you are a fan of using creams, oils or lotions, ensure those substances are fully absorbed into the skin before you put your jewelries on.
  4. We recommend that you clean your jewelries by simply using a pure cotton ball or pad to wipe them. This can help pick up the dirt or grime it has accumulated throughout the day of wear - as a result, your jewelries will also look shinier after wiping.
  5. Store your jewelries AWAY from other jewelries as different metals do react with each other to hasten up the tarnishing. Best way is to wrap your jewelries into a separate cloth each, and keep it in a jewelry box and store away from the sun.