Here are some answers to very commonly asked questions out there. We build the list up as we get more of these from emails.


Are you guys legit?

By “legit”, you mean we are real people? Of course, we are a real business with very responsive email and Facebook messenger. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any question! support@blinglabel.com


Are your jewelries real gold and silver?

Although our jewelries look a lot like real gold and silver, it is NOT fine jewelry. Typically our gold jewelries are 14K, 18K or 24K plated over a base metal like brass which does not contain nickel or lead. The gold coating will usually be a thin layer over the base metal. The best part about gold plated jewelry is that it can really resemble a solid gold piece, but at the fraction of the price to you!


Will your jewelries tarnish/fade?

Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry will fade over time. It will not last forever as through wear and tear, the coating does fade over time. This is the norm as the jewelries are sold at much more affordable price points as alternatives to expensive fine jewelries. Good news is, with proper care and maintenance; we can prolong the lifespans of the plated jewelries very manageably. One simply cannot wear gold plated jewelries all day on bare skin, swim, exercise or shower with it, and expect it to retain its shine and color for life.

Do take note: even with proper care and maintenance, all gold plated jewelries will eventually discolor and show the base metal underneath. We recommend our stainless steel gold plated jewelries if you want the color to last for years. On the other hand, silver jewelry carried on our store will never fade.