Influencer Program

Want to GET PAID while rocking your ice? 🤔


How Do You Make Sales?

After signing up, you will receive your unique tracking url via email (please check your spam folder if you can't see it). Save this tracking url, copy and paste it to all your social media platforms and text messages where you will flex your jewelry. The more you share this special tracking url, the more commissions you will get.

Our current top affiliate has just hit her first $1,000 usd month commission, with EXPONENTIAL SCALE. 😮

Remember, she is normal, just like you and me....yet she's bagging this extra $1,000 every month easily by just sending her interested followers to her tracking url. What does this show? - THE HARDER YOU WORD, AND THE SMARTER YOU WORK, THE MORE MONEY YOU GET. As simple as that.

bling label influencer program

Program Terms & Policies:

1. No age limit, we accept all ages
2. Payouts to be given out to you only 30 days after delivery of the product
3. You get your own discounted Coupon Code to share with your audience
4. You will be paid on the 1st of every month!
5. Do not use our brand Bling Label in your domain name or social media handles (or anything that equivalates to 'passing off' as our brand). For example: or @blinglable is NOT cool. is OK
6. If you use our brand in your domain name - you will not receive any commission.
7. Do not use ANY form of negative advertising. For example if you use the word SCAM with any of our brands - your account will be closed.
8. You are not allowed to order through your own affiliate link
9. If we believe that you are making fake sales, we reserve all rights to refuse payment and also terminate your contract immediately without notice.
10. Great opportunity to look good while making cash
11. We love and respect all our patrons 🙇🏽‍♂️💕 

Thank you for your understanding.

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